15210 Lakeshore Drive

Clearlake, CA 95422



Open: Tues-Sat  10-4

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You are invited to tour our gallery and see 30 artists display their work in wood, pastels, acrylic, oil, ceramics, bronze, mosaics, tile, wearable art, basketry, gourds, water color, burls, and unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry.
Our clothing consignment is brimming over with new items for all ages and sizes at great prices. We do have formal, casual and professional wear. Don't forget we offer layaway as part of our making art affordable program! Place any item in the gallery on layaway.

We have openings for artists wishing to display their art.

Click on a picture or artist's name to see more of their work.

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       Painting and Drawings



          Derek Harris          Jane McFall,       Rebecca Stark



         Diego Harris           William Koerlin    Yvonne Cordon     



       Mary McGregor          Melinda Young        Bernadette Straub



                    Shanon Taylor                     Walter Dreis                                   



Theresa Holoway            Jay Pott              Carol Johnson



 Linda Fielding        Rose Hodgkin        Bud Shipley




   Doreen Poston,             David Farrell           



      Susan Iano      Sandy Stillwell    




      Janene Dillon             Diego Harris



Sculpture, Stonework and Found Items



   Bernadette Straub                   Steve Hochleutner





                                       Stephanie Figueroa             Jay Burch               


Leather, Pottery, Greeting Cards, and Natural Crafts



Sherry Harris                    Jane McFall,                Rebecca Stark


                  Mary McGregor            Stephydale Creations




Diego Harris                  Sherry Harris                  Sandy Stillwell


Functional Art


Katie McGill                  Dan Skiles     

Kitty screen               Room divider


           Melinda Young       Melinda Young                   





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Our next 3rd Friday Gala Art Reception will be held on Nov.

Join us to view the many different art forms throughout our gallery, our outrageous new art work, refreshments and just a great time to get together with others who appreciate the arts. Mark your calendars.

At the gallery not only do we  strive to bring a cultural vibe to Clearlake and Lake County, but we are also Community oriented to the needs in our area that is why we host different events that enrich our County. Currently they are:

 On the 4th Wed at 2-4 pm we are having FREE therapeutic art classes all materials included.

The Art House Gallery is still offering more and more art classes for the public to enjoy and learn new art forms. 

Tuesday's 1:30-3  non-denominational prayer meeting. Everyone welcome.

Tuesday's 6-8pm Celebrate Recovery 12 Step Recovery for addictions

Wednesday's 911:30-1) Heaven's Gate Support for single parents

Friday's 7pm Community Bible Study (except 3rd Friday) Discipleship class.(On the 3rd Friday Bible Group will meet at a home for game night)

Looking forward to seeing you

Our gallery now is carrying canvases that are framed and ready to paint!! No longer do you have to search for frames that fit your canvas. We have taken care of all of that for you.   All you have to do is PAINT!! 

We have a Clothing Consignment Boutique filled with trendy clothes. Our wearable art, unique one of a kind handmade items, as well as formal, professional and casual wear are reasonably priced and of fine quality.


Need art supplies?? Check at the gallery to see if we have them.